Friday, October 12, 2018

Conference season here is - talks, workshops, travelling, networking!

September & October 2018 is a busy conference season for me.

On 27th September, I played a game - "Collaboration - A Taboo!" at ATA GTR 2018 with an audience of 100+ people. There was absolute chaos in the game - a lot of it self-inflicted ... and thankfully - exactly was I wanted it to be. So much fun, energy and enthusiasm in the room meant there was no one feeling drowsy in the post lunch session! 

Typically I play this game in 45-min to 1 hour duration. At ATA GTR 2018 though, I had only 30 min to play the game, and add my own twist on top of it. But, never have I ever taken more than the allocated time - and I managed to get the objectives of the game achieved as well in these 30 min.

Below are some pictures from the game.

Then on 28th September, I spoke on "Measuring Consumer Quality - The Missing Feedback Loop" at StepIn's PSTC 2018. Slides from that talk can be found here.

In October, I will be off to Agile & Automation Days in Krakow, Poland. Here I will be speaking about "Measuring Consumer Quality - The Missing Feedback Loop" and also conducting a workshop on - "Analytics Rebooted - A Workshop". See detailed schedule here

Then I fly directly to Arlington, VA to participate in STPCon Fall 2018. Here I will be conducting 2 workshops - "Analytics Rebooted - A Workshop" and "Practical Agile Testing Workshop". I am also speaking about "Measuring Consumer Quality - The Missing Feedback Loop".

Will share experiences from these conferences soon!

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