Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The story of a 'small' vodQA ending up being 'x-large'

We are extremely happy to start the new year with YASV (Yet Another Successful vodQA) event, this time with the theme - Agile Testing Workshop, conducted on 9th January 2016 in ThoughtWorks, Pune office.

Why the theme - "Agile Testing Workshop"?

Over the past few years, after having worked on numerous projects, interacted with a lot of clients (and their partners / vendors), and gaining insights from speaking with individuals & teams in conferences & organizations, we (the vodQA Pune team), realized that a decent portion of the Software (testing) Industry lacks decent / good understanding of Agile and effective Testing on Agile projects / teams.

So, we decided to conduct the next vodQA in Pune - focussed on Agile Testing to answer questions like - "What is Agile and what does it mean to Test on Agile projects / teams?"


  • When we started planning for this edition of vodQA, the plan was to keep it very lean - in planning, execution and participation as well. For this, we planned to keep this vodQA 'small'. Little did we realize it would end up being a patiala peg.
  • What started out as an event aimed at 30 attendees soon shot up to 180+ RSVPs on Facebook to 160+ confirmations and eventually we had 85+ attendees. Including ThoughtWorkers, we (again) crossed 100+ people for vodQA Pune! - There went a lot of our 'being-lean' out of the window!
  • This event was completely driven by the Facebook group (from announcements to registrations to updates).
  • We had a quite a few attendees travel from out of Pune for vodQA (ex: Mumbai, Nagpur)
  • This was one of the most vocal, enthusiastic and interactive audience vodQA Pune has seen. They shared their experiences and asked a lot of questions as well.
  • True to our objective for this vodQA, we ensured there was sufficient time between sessions / workshops to facilitate discussions and answer specific questions from the attendees.
  • We had impromptu fishbowl discussion on certain Parking Lot questions.
  • After the first session of the day (Agile Game), the attendees celebrated (it was over) by bursting the balloons - early Diwali some would say … :)
  • A huge shoutout to the organisers who were constantly tweaking their execution methods, days before the event as our expected turnout gradually rose from 30 to 100+.

Agenda and Slides

Welcome noteAnand Bagmar
Agile GameAbhay Dalvi, Vardhan Bhatt & Vikrant Chauhan
Tea break

What is Agile Testing?Amit Gundiyal & Prasad Kalgutkarhttp://www.slideshare.net/vodqanite/what-is-agile-testing-56891493
Effective Strategies for Distributed TestingPreeti Mishrahttp://www.slideshare.net/vodqanite/strategies-for-distributed-testing

Testing the Mysterious SphereAnjali Wadhwa, Ashwini Ingle & Preeti Mishrahttp://www.slideshare.net/vodqanite/testing-the-mysterious-sphere

Test Automation - Principles, PracticesVardhan Bhatt & Vikrant Chauhanhttp://www.slideshare.net/vodqanite/lessons-learnt-from-test-automation-principles-practices
Tea + Snacks break

Patterns in Test Automation (Framework + Data)Anand Bagmarhttp://www.slideshare.net/abagmar/patterns-in-test-automation


  • Overall workshop was wonderful. Presentation and content was good. Helpful to understand and implement in our current process.
  • Agile testing game taught us to focus more on quality than quantity & take feedback as soon as possible from the PO
  • Though I am not working in Agile env currently, I understood whole session and got to learn something.

The always rocking vodQA Pune team!!
vodQA Pune team

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Starting 2016 with vodQA in Pune - Agile Testing Workshop

Over the past few years, after having spoken in a lot of individuals & teams in conferences & organizations, I realized the understanding of Agile and what does it mean to do effective Testing on Agile projects / teams is very poor.

So, we at ThoughtWorks, Pune, as part of vodQA Pune - Agile Testing Workshop, start 2016 with the objective of connecting with our peers in the Software industry to discuss and understand - "What is Agile and what does it mean to Test on Agile projects / teams?"

We have planned and organized this vodQA conference in a very Lean and simple way - announcement, registrations, agenda and updates - all directly from our vodQA group in facebook.

This edition of vodQA will be held on Saturday, 9th January, 2016 at the ThoughtWorks, Pune office on the 4th floor. For more details, see the vodQA event page in facebook.