Thursday, February 18, 2016

Update & Learning from Webinar on Test Automation - Principles & Practices

On request from a very enthusiastic Tester - Buddhini from Sri Lanka, I did a webinar for the Sri Lanka Testing Community on - "Test Automation - Principles & Practices".

Below is the flyer they created.

This was a different type of webinar - with all attendees in Sri Lanka in one room, and me, the presenter, speaking over GoToMeeting from ThoughtWorks Pune, India.

The only thing that did not work out well - was the interactions - which was expected anyway - since the speaker and the attendees were not really face-2-face in the same room. Also, it was unfortunate - that the Internet connection was not the best - hence could not really hear any question / comments what the attendees were asking. That said, the attendees were very responsive - and thanks to video enabled, we could use visual gestures to keep track and have simple yes / no type of interactions.

The slides used during the talk can be seen below.

Lastly, there were some questions that were asked by attendees during registration / talk. I will do a followup post with my answer to these. In the meantime, please post more questions, if at all, in the comments section.

  • What is the best way we can use to do Load testing? If it is for Java projects then can we use Java Thread classes or is Jmeter a good tool to use? If so how can we use Jmeter tool in a better way? What are the good tools to do performance testing?
  • Is it a good practice to automate GUI of the screens or should we always automate server side testing?
  • Is Perl a good interpreter to test server side testing? If it is not then what are the good tools we can use?
  • Is selenium a good tool to automate the functionality? Are there any other tools?
  • How to build an automation framework?
  • Are there any other open source tools for Desktop applications (other than Sikuli and AutoIT)?