Saturday, August 31, 2013

TTA - closer to becoming unified dashboard for Test Trends and Status

Test Trend Analyzer (TTA), went live again today !!! We are now at version 0.5.4.

In the past week we have made a bunch of improvements and added new features - Integrating External Dashboard , which takes TTA closer towards being the central dashboard for testing status across the organization.
There are a couple of projects within ThoughtWorks using this, and also some other organizations.

Here is the list of new Features:
  • Integration of external dashboards (add from /admin page, see integration on /home page) - this allows one to integrate different existing dashboards into TTA - to make it a one stop place for seeing all Testing related information. Example: You can integrate your defect reports from Mingle / Jira / etc., or, you can also integrate your specific Continuous Integration (CI) dashboard from Go / Jenkins / Hudson / Bamboo / etc.
  • Compare test runs (/compare_runs) - to compare specific test runs --- 
    • what are the common failures, 
    • what are the unique failures, 
    • what failed on date 1, but passed on date 2
    • what failed on date 2, but passed on date 1
  • TTA Statistics Page (/stats) - to know usage of TTA by different projects / teams in your organization
  • Fixes + minor UI modification
Features available from some time:
  • Test Pyramid view (/pyramid) - to see how your project's automation effort aligns with the Test Automation philosophy
  • Comparative Analysis view (comparative_analysis) - to see the trend of your test automation results over a period of time, and if any patterns emerge
  • Failure Analysis view (/defect_analysis) - to make better meaning of the test failures, and help you prioritize which failures should be fixed first.
  • Upload Test Run Data manually (/upload) - to manually upload test data in case if you have not uploaded test data automatically to TTA, but still want to use TTA
More information about features, how to use TTA, etc. can be found on this blog, TTA-github, TTA-github-wiki, or by contacting me.