Wednesday, September 30, 2015

vodQA - Quest for Quality & Taste of Mobile in October

There are 2 vodQA editions coming your way in October 2015.

Quest for Quality - ThoughtWorks, Gurgaon - Saturday, 17th October, 2015

ThoughtWorks Gurgaon is happy to announce 8th edition of vodQA happening on 17th October, 2015 at TW Gurgaon office.

The theme for this edition is "Quest For Quality", i.e. anything and everything related to quality. The speaker registrations are now open, request you all to submit talks here.

Taste of Mobile - ThoughtWorks, Chennai - Saturday, 31st October, 2015

Welcoming speakers for the 6th edition of VodQA - Chennai
This edition of VodQa will give you the 'TASTE OF MOBILE'. We will discuss new practices and ideas in the field of mobile testing.
You could present your thoughts as a hands-on workshop, a short lightning talk (\~10 mins) or a detailed presentation (\~30 mins), submit your talks here.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Selenium Conference 2015 - it simply came, and went so fast

Its been a crazy summer - the 2nd week of September 2015 just amplified that…

A good few months ago we - the Selenium Conference Planning Committee started on the journey of planning this years Selenium Conference 2015. We started with debating where to have this years conference, till Portland magically came up on the radar, and became a reality. We met over Google Hangout every 2 weeks initially, and then as we got closer to the date, every week.

Can’t believe as I am writing this post, the conference is already over (a couple of weeks ago) …

The team put in a lot of hard work - me doing the least of that … and the turnout (approx 500 people), the interactions and the quality of talks proves the hard work paid dividends.

I traveled from Pune, India on 5th Sept at around 6pm headed to Portland, Oregon. The journey - from home to the hotel took approximately 35 hours.

After crazy 4 days, and a total of around 25-30 hours of sleep in 5 nights (thanks to the jet lag), and having delivered 3 talks as well, it was another 35 hour trip back home ... the only good thing after this hectic trip - I never got adjusted to the US time zone - which meant no jet-lag when I came back home :) This was a first for me :)

Slides & Videos from Selenium Conference 2015:

All the slides and videos for all the talks are available here.

Below is the list of my talks:

To Deploy or Not-to-Deploy - decide using TTA's Trend & Failure Analysis

I got a lot of very good feedback for this talk, and also quite a few people expressed interest in trying it out! Looking for feedback from their experiences!

Video of the talk is available on YouTube here:

Slides are available here:

Automate across Platform, OS, Technologies with TaaS

This topic is so relevant with anyone working in large enterprises, or when it is being "mandated" to work on a common test automation framework.

Video of the talk is available here:

Slides are available here:

Say ‘No’ to (more) Selenium Tests

I paired with Bhumika on this talk. We were very agile in preparing for this talk - a day in advance to be precise. Also, it was very bold topic to have in a Selenium Conference - standing in front of 200+ Selenium enthusiasts, and telling them - do NOT write more Selenium tests. But went pretty well ... given that we were able to walk on our own feet out of the room, and that people were able to get the message we were trying to deliver :D

Video of the talk is available here:

Slides are available here: