Friday, May 21, 2021

Setup to make work from home easier for your health

Having a proper setup is very important when working from home. Else it can mess up your posture, back, neck, ...

I recently upgraded my work-from-home setup. If anyone wants suggestions how and what I did, will be happy to share.

 I had posted this on LinkedIn -

To my surprise, a lot of people responded to know more about this setup. Instead of replying one at a time, here is what I did to help me have a better work environment. 

But before the solution, here are the problems I was facing:

  • I was sitting for around 10-12 hours on my chair every work-day
  • Though I try to maintain a good posture, I figured out I kept slouching automatically over time
  • As a result, my back started paining

I had to change something quickly, because this weird time is just not ending. 

So, this is what I did. I researched and spoke to lot of people, and figured that a standing desk will help me maintain a good posture and avoid back pain.

My work setup though had a fixed desk, which I could not change. So I did the following setup:

1. Adjustable desk - which I can change to use as a standing desk or sit-down desk

Rife Instant Gas Spring Sit Stand Converter Desk