Saturday, November 22, 2014

To Deploy or Not to Deploy - decide using Test Trend Analyzer (TTA) in AgilePune 2014

I spoke on the topic - "To Deploy or Not to Deploy - decide using Test Trend Analyzer (TTA)" in Agile Pune, 2014.

The slides from the talk are available here, and the video is available here.


Below is some information about the content.

The key objectives of organizations is to provide / derive value from the products / services they offer. To achieve this, they need to be able to deliver their offerings in the quickest time possible, and of good quality!
In order for these organizations to to understand the quality / health of their products at a quick glance, typically a team of people scramble to collate and collect the information manually needed to get a sense of quality about the products they support. All this is done manually.

So in the fast moving environment, where CI (Continuous Integration) and CD (Continuous Delivery) are now a necessity and not a luxury, how can teams take decisions if the product is ready to be deployed to the next environment or not?

Test Automation across all layers of the Test Pyramid is one of the first building blocks to ensure the team gets quick feedback into the health of the product-under-test.

The next set of questions are:
  • How can you collate this information in a meaningful fashion to determine - yes, my code is ready to be promoted from one environment to the next?
  • How can you know if the product is ready to go 'live'?
  • What is the health of you product portfolio at any point in time?
  • Can you identify patterns and do quick analysis of the test results to help in root-cause-analysis for issues that have happened over a period of time in making better decisions to better the quality of your product(s)?
The current set of tools are limited and fail to give the holistic picture of quality and health, across the life-cycle of the products.

The solution - TTA - Test Trend Analyzer
TTA is an open source product that becomes the source of information to give you real-time and visual insights into the health of the product portfolio using the Test Automation results, in form of Trends, Comparative Analysis, Failure Analysis and Functional Performance Benchmarking. This allows teams to take decisions on the product deployment to the next level using actual data points, instead of 'gut-feel' based decisions.
There are 2 sets of audience who will benefit from TTA:
1. Management - who want to know in real time what is the latest state of test execution trends across their product portfolios / projects. Also, they can use the data represented in the trend analysis views to make more informed decisions on which products / projects they need to focus more or less. Views like Test Pyramid View, Comparative Analysis help looking at results over a period of time, and using that as a data point to identify trends.

2. Team Members (developers / testers) - who want to do quick test failure analysis to get to the root cause analysis as quickly as possible. Some of the views - like Compare Runs, Failure Analysis, Test Execution Trend help the team on a day-to-day basis.
NOTE: TTA does not claim to give answers to the potential problems. It gives a visual representation of test execution results in different formats which allow team members / management to have more focussed conversations based on data points.

Some pictures from the talk ... (Thanks to Shirish)

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The decade of Selenium

Selenium has been around for over a decade now. ThoughtWorks has published an eBook on the occasion - titled - "Perspectives on Agile Software Testing". This eBook is available for free download.

I have written a chapter in the eBook - "Is Selenium Finely Aged Wine?

An excerpt of this chapter is also published as a blog post on You can find that here.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Perspectives on Agile Software Testing

Inspired by Selenium's 10th Birthday Celebration, a bunch of ThoughtWorkers have compiled an anthology of essays on testing approaches, tools and culture by testers for testers.  
This anthology of essays is available as an ebook, titled - "Perspectives on Agile Software Testing" which is now available for download from here on ThoughtWorks site. A simple registration, and you will be able to download the ebook. 

Here are the contents of the ebook:

Enjoy the read, and looking forward for the feedback.