Friday, February 8, 2013

What should be the new name for TaaS?

I have got a lot of interesting and valuable feedback for TaaS - Test-as-a-Service. One thing that stands out which people want is a different name for TaaS - since it does cause a lot of confusion with the business vertical of "Testing as a Service".

So, I am taking all this feedback seriously and considering changing the name of TaaS - before I publish the gem.

Since TaaS is essentially an orchestrator of your end-2-end Integration tests, some thoughts on potential names, with their meanings are:

  • khansama - kindly suggested by Erik Petersen. A great contextual Indian name for a great tool that co-ordinates and organizes the testing.
  • vahak - Sanskrit word - meaning Transporter, Conveyor, Carrier, Conduit
  • dwar - Sanskrit word - meaning Door, Inlet, Outlet, Gate, Through, 
  • honcho - leader, manager
  • comptroller - controller
  • relegate - refer to another for decision
  • transmit - communicate
What do you think? What name do you like? Any other suggestions for better name?