Thursday, July 12, 2018

Return of the todo (learning) list

Since at least a decade, I have had a list of TODOs which I actively updated and maintained. The items on this list focused on - 

  • what new things I wanted to learn / experiment with
  • new conference talk ideas
  • open source ideas / updates
Unfortunately, due to various reasons (some of which were my doing as well), the focus on learning and experimentation got lost ... and I felt awful about it. I also shared my pain with some friends and colleagues of unable to find time / opportunity / focus / support to be in the continuous learning phase. But not much could be done / changed in those circumstances.

But I am very happy to share that the list is back, and back with a bang!!!

The days of learning and experimentation continue. My list is now overflowing, and continuing to grow with ideas and things I want to learn and experiment.

I am happy again!!

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