Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Converting JSON into usable objects

JSON is a great way to specify data / information and, off late, it is the format of my choice to specify test data.

I find it to be -
  • light weight 
  • easy to understand 
  • almost very intuitive to know if you have made an error in the syntax 
  • easy to read into code and parse 
  • easy create meaningful custom objects and use in code 

Recently, thanks to a friend - Abhijeet Vaikar, I came across a tool - - that helps in transforming the raw JSON (from various sources) directly into custom objects, in a variety of languages.


The tool:

I got to know about this tool at perfect time as I am building a new tool for dynamic logging in Java - AutoLogJ (but more about AutoLogJ later). does what it promises - and it saved me a lot of time to build the custom POJOs for the same.

Thanks Abhijeet Vaikar and the quicktype team!

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