Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Any WAAT (Web Analytics Automation Testing Framework) users out there?

It has been over 2 years since any update to WAAT - Java or Ruby. Over the years, I have realised, and also received a lot of thoughts / feedback from users of WAAT around where it helps, and what challenges exist. 

Also, given the widespread IoT & Big Data based work going on around the world, (Web) Analytics now plays a much bigger role in guiding business take better decisions. 

WAAT (again) fits in the grand scheme of things very nicely as a framework to automate the validation of correct reporting of tags to any Web Analytics solution provider.

Hence, its a no-brainer for me - it is high time I work on some of the feedback and limitations of WAAT to make it usable again!

At the recently concluded Selenium Conference 2016 held in Bangalore, India, I got an idea of how to overcome a lot of challenges (listed below) and pain in using WAAT. 

What's next?

To implement my new idea, this does mean a couple of things:

  • Existing plugins have limited use - and needs to be deleted.
  • A new plugin would need to be created - which may mean different set of APIs, and also different way to specify the test data.

Questions for you

Before I go ahead making these changes - I would like to get answers to the below questions (please add your answers directly in the comments):
  • Is anyone currently using WAAT? If yes - 
    • which version (Java / Ruby)?
    • which plugin
    • Using HTTP / HTTPS?
    • Which Web Analytic solution are you using? (ex: Google Analytics, WebTrends, etc?)
  • Would you be interested in using the new WAAT? If yes - 
    • Which language? Java / Ruby / JavaScript / Python / etc?
  • Would you like to contribute to implementing this new WAAT? If yes - contact me! :)

Current plugins available in WAAT:

  • Omniture Debugger (WAAT-Java)
    • Pros:
      • OS independent
      • Run using regular-test-user 
    • Cons:
      • Browser dependent - need to implement ScriptRunner for the UI-driver in use
      • Web-Analytic solution dependent - only for Adobe Marketing Clout / Omniture SiteCatalyst
  • HTTPSniffer (WAAT-Java, WAAT-Ruby)
    • Pros
      • Web-Analytic solution independent
      • Browser independent
      • UI-Driver independent
    • Cons
      • 3rd party libraries are OS dependent
      • HTTPs is not supported out-of-the-box
      • Run tests as "root"
  • JSSniffer (WAAT-Java, WAAT-Ruby)
    • Pros
      • Web-Analytic solution independent
      • Browser independent
      • HTTPs supported out-of-the-box
      • No 3rd party library dependency
    • Cons
      • Need to write JavaScript to get the URL from the browser context
      • UI-Driver dependent

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