Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Any browsermob-proxy users facing issues with some requests not getting fired?

Is there anyone using browsermob-proxy who is having issues with some requests not getting fired?

I have integrated browsermob-proxy with my protractor tests. This works wonderfully when I run my tests from Mac (against local environment, or any other test environment).

However, when I run my tests from CI (agent is SUSE Enterprise 11.4) - my tests fail. 

I narrowed down the problem to the following scenario:

On some specific user action in the UI, there are a lot (>100) of requests fired from the browser in parallel (batches). There are a couple of scenarios like this in my application - and the test fails in all these cases.

Here is a screenshot of what the captured HAR file shows -

The same test works when I run this locally from Mac

Any idea how to fix this? Thank you in advance!

See this issue for more details - (


  1. Could you please share your integration of browsermob with protractor on github?It will be helpful to see how you accomplished this, I have been trying to do the same

    1. Unfortunately I did not find a solution at that time, and since then priorities changed ... so no update on this