Tuesday, September 10, 2013

vodQA - Faster | Smarter | Reliable - on Saturday, 19th Oct in Pune

After what seems to be ages, I am very happy to announce the next edition of  
vodQA - Faster | Smarter | Reliable coming to you on Saturday, 19th Oct, 2013 at ThoughtWorks, Pune.

In this edition of vodQA, the focus will be on cutting edge testing technology, which will help us to understand how to be more faster,smarter and reliable in our testing approach. It will ameliorate our testing strategy in a faster and smarter world , following the best practices at the same time. The emphasis will be more on discussing ideas which enable us to test smartly instead of testing more.

We are hoping to target following questions in coming vodQA edition:

- What all things I should start doing to be more effective and impactful Quality Analyst ?

- What all process, tools and techniques I can use to get more faster and yet reliable results ?

- Can I use the tool I am already using in some different way which will make my testing effort more effective, more faster and more reliable ?

- What can I do so that software I am working on is always in production readiness state ?

- Are there any ways in which I can reduce my test life cycle ?

For registration details, click here (http://bit.ly/18LSnjc).

For all past vodQA information, see here.

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