Thursday, September 26, 2013

Test Execution Trend feature added in TTA (0.5.7)

A new version of Test Trend Analyzer (TTA) is now available on github.

These are the new features in it:

  • Test Execution Trend - to see the benchmarking of specific test execution over a time period
  • Failure Analysis View
    • Modified view to show failures for specific Test category along with specific test run
    • Modified view to show failures for All test categories with latest test run
  • Minor Refactoring for Compare Runs view
  • Query optimisations + minor defect fixes.
For those that missed the earlier announcement - summary of features of TTA is available here, and source code is available on github.

PS: There is a lot of work (features / UI) planned for TTA. If you wish to contribute, we would love your help!!

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