Monday, January 28, 2013

TaaS received pretty well in Pune conf

As mentioned in my earlier post, I spoke about TaaS - Test-as-a-Service in UNICOM's Next Generation Testing Conference in Pune on 23rd Jan. The talk went pretty well. Since this talk was for a slightly smaller duration, I had to use a scaled down version of the same slides that I used in the TaaS talk in Mumbai. The audio playback of the talk in Pune is available here.

There were a lot of interesting questions that came up this time:
1. Can I use TaaS to test in the cloud?
2. Can I use TaaS to do load / performance testing?
3. What are the security implications of using TaaS? 
4. Can I use TaaS to do mobile testing across different devices?

I will try to address these questions in subsequent posts.

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