Monday, February 21, 2022

Why not to use PageFactory and FindsBy in Selenium WebDriver

Many users of Selenium WebDriver may be using the PageFactory created by Simon Stewart. However, it is not a good idea to use it.

You may be thinking why should I not use it? It is so easy to use it, and its popular.

Well, here are 2 reasons why you should not use the PageFactory:

Reason #1. Simon Stewart (, the creator of WebDriver, and the PageFactory himself says, do not use it. It is not recommended.

The `FindsBy` annotation isn't recommended, because the PageFactory class is really badly implemented and inflexible, but it's not going away in the java bindings.

The `FindsByX` interfaces are going away. Better to use a `By` locator and use that.

PageFactory is really badly implemented

Reason #2: While Reason #1 should have been sufficient, many people implementing automation using Selenium WebDriver do not know, or did not pay heed to what Simon said. So another WebDriver & WATIR contributor, Titus Fortner ( explained in detail why using PageFactory is not a good idea in his blog post -


I sincerely hope these reasons are sufficient for you to move away from the PageFactory and use something more efficient. 


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  1. I dont use @FindBy is because for dynamic applications, locators too are dynamic. Annotations are always compile time , hence if I need dynamic locators, I cant use @FindBy.