Thursday, June 17, 2021

Business-Layer Page-Object Pattern

Business-Layer Page-Object Pattern for Functional / System / end-2-end Test Automation

  1. Tests should talk business language
  2. The test is deterministic, for a specific scenario. The test implementation is an orchestration of corresponding business operations
  3. Business layer is an abstraction layer between the test intent & page objects
  4. Implementation of business layer method is essentially an orchestration of other business operations, or for the granular business operation, an orchestration of page objects
  5. The business layer method does the assertions of expectations
  6. There should be no assertions in page objects
  7. Each operation (in business or page object) being successful means there are a defined number of methods / operations the product can now do (as you are driving the product under test to do your bidding)
  8. Hence, to #7, each operation can have one 1 valid page / business object as its return type

See the sample tests implemented in teswiz for an example of Business-Layer Page-Object pattern implementation.

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