Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Analytics - the forgotten child!

After a long time, I spoke about What, Why and How of Analytics Testing at Selenium Conference, Berlin 2017.

This talk was initially supposed to be focussed on Web Analytics only, with impact on / of IoT (Internet of Things) and Big Data, but my recent experiences made me realise, the learnings could easily be applied to Analytics from Mobile native apps as well.

So against better judgement, a full 30 minutes before I was supposed to go on stage, I started a revamp of the slides to include more content, which also meant a complete change of flow of the talk / slides. Talk about making stupid decisions, but thankfully, it turned out pretty ok!!

Abstract of the talk:

What is Web Analytics and why is it important? We'll walk through techniques for manually testing your data and automating the validation process.
Just knowing about Analytics is not sufficient for business now. There are new kids in town - IoT and Big Data - two of the most used and well-known buzz words in the software industry! With a creative mindset looking for opportunities to add value, the possibilities for IoT are infinite. With each such opportunity, there's a huge volume of data being generated which, if analysed and used correctly, can feed into creating more opportunities and increased value propositions.
There are 2 types of analysis that one needs to think about:
  1. How is the end-user interacting with the product? - This will give some level of understanding into how to re-position and focus on the true value add features for the product.
  2. What are the patterns in the data? - With the huge volume of data being generated by the end-user interactions, and the data being captured by all devices in the food-chain of the offering, it is important to identify patterns and find out new product and value opportunities based on these.

Video from the talk:

Slides from the talk:

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