Friday, December 2, 2016

A new beginning - entertainment on mobile

After 7+ years, I finally took the heavy step and moved out of ThoughtWorks.

The past 7+ years have been awesome. I had loads of fun, learnt many new things, made a lot of friends and found inspiration and guidance from a lot of mentors.

Thank you ThoughtWorks and ThoughtWorkers! Wouldn’t have been who I am today without you and you all will always be a huge part of me!

Taking the decision was tougher than I thought it would be ... but new challenges were waiting for me, and the time had come.

On 1st December, 2016, I started my next stint as "Directory - Quality" at Vuclip, Inc for the Viu product. You can also find us via the PlayStore or AppStore.

Day 1 at vuclip, barring the first 2 hours of paperwork, was getting right into action. With the planning for 2017 in full swing, there was no time to settle - but instead had to hit the ground running.

The charter starting Day 1 for me was:

  • Define & execute test strategy for Viu - for multiple platforms, for multiple regions & partners
  • Build team to help execute the above (see section below on what I am looking out for)
  • In scope - functional testing, automation, performance, analytics, benchmarking, infrastructure, tooling, etc.
  • Out of scope - nothing

And so the fun has begun.

So, here is what I need to learn and execute immediately (looking forward to suggestions, links, feedback on how you have done it in the past)

  • Is it worth setting up a mobile lab (real devices + simulators) in-house or use external services for running automated tests  exploratory tests? 
  • If the latter to the above, what services have you used in the past? What have the results been?
  • Is it possible (and worth) automating the checks for memory / processor / battery usage when running tests against the native app (on Android & iOS)?
  • How to do native app performance testing (client-side) for Android & iOS?

Also, I am looking to build a strong testing team with team members having the primary skills & capabilities -
  • Open-minded, quick learner
  • A good Testing-mindset
  • Mobile Testing experience (non-automated + test automation)
  • Performance Testing (client-side & server-side)

Contact me if you are interested in being part of my team to work on this challenging product.

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