Friday, September 2, 2016

WAAT 2.0 (BETA) available for use

Very excited to share that I, along with a few collaborators of WAAT did a workshop in vodQA, Pune on Sat, 27th Aug about Automating Web Analytics - Why? How?
We implemented the automation using WAAT.

Also, am very excited to announce that WAAT v2.0 BETA for Java is now available from the WAAT project.

The slides from the workshop are available here

Here are some details of the workshop:


Do you know –
What is Web Analytics?
How does Web Analytics work?
Why is it important? How to test Web Analytics?
How can we ensure correct data is sent to the Web Analytics server, every time, for all the actions?
Attend this workshop to learn ‘What is Web Analytics?’ and why it is an extremely important aspect of Software Development & Testing for your product / service to succeed!
We will share some techniques for testing Web Analytics - in a non-automated way - and why that is very challenging and error-prone.
We will learn, via hands-on activity, about WAAT - Web Analytics Automation Testing Framework ( - an open-source solution, to automate validation of correct information / tags being sent to the Web Analytic server for different user actions as part of your regular Selenium-WebDriver Test Automation Framework.
Lastly, we will see how the impact of Analytics has changed dramatically with more adoption and spread of IoT (Internet of Things) and Big Data, and what we need to do to be part of the change, if not influencers of change!


  • JDK 1.8
  • IDE (Eclipse / IntelliJ Idea / etc.)
  • Git (and add it to path)
  • Gradle 2.3 (and add it to path)
  • Firefox browser compatible with Selenium v2.53.1 (v46)
  • Also refer here for steps to run Appium tests using WAAT 


Sample Code

- Create a directory WAAT-Workshop and run
git clone
- If Using any existing framework: download WAAT-all-v2.0_BETA.jar
- To run sample code - from waat-sample-java directory - run the command -
gradle clean build 

Please reach out if you need help in using WAAT!

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