Thursday, June 30, 2016

Learnings from Selenium Conference 2016, Bangalore

The value one gets by attending any conference / training / meetup / etc. is subjective to various aspects, some of which are mentioned below (in no particular order):

  • Individual skills & capabilities
  • Past experiences
  • Existing knowledge / information / expertise on the subject 
  • Open mindedness
  • Willingness to learn
  • Current work (tools & tech stack, challenges, risks, priorities, backlog, tech debt, team members, etc.)

The above aspects definitely played a part in what takeaways I had from the recently concluded Selenium Conference 2016 in Bangalore as well.

Here are my key takeaways, which I am going to work on learning more about, or implementing in the near future - special thanks to +Dave Haeffner , +Marcus Merrell , +Simon Stewart+Bret Pettichord for helping me find these takeaways as part of various conversations during these few days.

  • Related to Protractor
    • Use Proxy Server in tests (Protractor framework) to capture HAR file on specific actions (AJAX calls) - and capture performance metrics from the same
    • Read and experiment with the Marionette driver for Firefox - maybe it helps me overcome some of my challenges with Firefox & Maps in CI environment (headless using xvfb)
    • Remove "phantomJS" as a supported browser from my framework by ensuring headless tests work with Chrome & Firefox using xvfb
    • Highlight element when running tests before taking screenshots - will help in debugging
    • Experiment with different loggers & reporters - Allure, Winston logger
    • Better "promise" handling in framework to keep abstraction layers sane
  • Revive WAAT - Web Analytics Automation Testing Framework - create new plugin using Proxy Server approach. Also remove Omniture Debugger and HttpSniffer plugin.
  • Refocus energy on TTA - Test Trend Analyzer.
  • Keep vodQA going strong - its a good community initiative

See you all in Selenium Conference UK in November 2016!

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