Sunday, November 29, 2015

Patterns in Test Automation - Framework, Data, Locators at Agile Noida

On 28th November 2015, I spoke in Agile Noida on "Patterns in Test Automation - Framework, Data, Locators".

I had spoken on the same topic (Patterns in Test Automation) in vodQA Hyderabad - but that was a Testing conference and I knew the attendees were Testing and Test Automation focused. Here, I was skeptic about how this topic would be received by the attendees - given that the conference was focused on Agile, and this topic was core Testing related, and to add to the fact - very technical where I was showing various Java / Ruby code samples.

My skepticism was, thankfully, unfounded. There was a good number of attendees that came to the talk and based on conversations after the talk, I realized that I was able to get the message across to the attendees.

Below is the abstract, slides and video from the talk.


Building a Test Automation Framework is easy - there are so many resources / guides / blogs / etc. available to help you get started and help solve the issues you get along the journey.
However, building a "good" Test Automation Framework is not very easy. There are a lot of principles and practices you need to use, in the right context, with a good set of skills required to make the Test Automation Framework maintainable, scalable and reusable.
Design Patterns play a big role in helping achieve this goal of building a good and robust framework. 
In this talk, we will talk about, and see examples of various types of patterns you can use for:
  1. Build your Test Automation Framework
  2. Test Data Management
  3. Locators / IDs (for finding / interacting with elements in the browser / app)
Using these patterns you will be able to build a good framework, that will help keep your tests running fast, and reliably in your CI / CD setup!



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