Sunday, August 9, 2015

Questions about the Test Pyramid

After watching my presentation on "Enabling Continuous Delivery (CD) in Enterprises with Testing", I recently got asked a couple of questions about the Test Pyramid. Thought it would be good to reply publicly - that may help others who had similar doubts. 

If you have any other questions, please reach out, or add it as comments on this post.

  • Why do you talk about a JavaScript Test? I mean, why you don't consider this type of testing inside another? So, what do you mean by JavaScript test.
    • JavaScript testing requires different toolset, not the standard xUnit based ones. Hence I classify it separately. Also, there is potentially a lot of logic that can be built in the JavaScript layer - so it is essential to write tests for that too - say using Jasmine.
  • What's the difference between View and UI?
    • UI test should focus on business / user journey validations. However a view test is different. Consider a journey which has a 5 step / screen workflow. To validate some UI change on the 4th step / screen, you will need to go through, in sequence, from step 1 to 4 and then validate the changes. This is very slow and costly approach. Instead, if you build the right type of stubs / mocks, then you can setup the state in your product which simulates the step 1-3 are completed, and directly open the UI, go to step #4, and validate your changes. This is the difference in View and UI tests.

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