Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Client-side Performance Testing Workshop in TechJam, 13th August 2015

I am conducting a Client-side Performance Testing workshop in TechJam on Thursday, 13th August 2015.

You can register for the same from the TechJam page.


In this workshop, we will see the different dimensions of Performance Testing and Performance Engineering, and focus on Client-side Performance Testing.
Before we get to doing some Client-side Performance Testing activities, we will first understand how to look at client-side performance, and putting that in the context of the product under test. We will see, using a case study, the impact of caching on performance, the good & the bad! We will then experiment with some tools like WebPageTest and Page Speed to understand how to measure client-side performance.
Lastly - just understanding the performance of the product is not sufficient. We will look at how to automate the testing for this activity - using WebPageTest (private instance setup), and experiment with yslow - as a low-cost, programmatic alternative to WebPageTest.

Expected Learnings

  1. What is Performance Testing and Performance Engineering.
  2. Hand's on experience of some open-source tools to monitor, measure and automate Client-side Performance Testing.
  3. Examples / code walk-through of some ways to automate Client-side Performance Testing.


  1. Participants are required to bring their own laptop for this workshop.
  2. Also, please install phantomJS on your machine (http://phantomjs.org/download.html)

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