Friday, March 28, 2014

WAAT Java v1.5.1 released today

After a long time, and with lot of push from collaborators and users of WAAT, I have finally updated WAAT (Java) and made a new release today. 

You can get this new version - v1.5.1 directly from the project's dist directory.

Once I get some feedback, I will also update WAAT-ruby with these changes.

Here is the list of changes in WAAT_v1.5.1:

Changes in v1.5.1

  • Engine.isExpectedTagPresentInActualTagList in engine class is made public
  • Updated Engine to work without creating testData.xml file, and directly sending exceptedSectionList for tags
    Added a new method
        Engine.verifyWebAnalyticsData(String actionName, ArrayList
    expectedSectionList, String[] urlPatterns, int minimumNumberOfPackets)
  • Added an empty constructor for to prevent marshalling error
  • Support Fragmented Packets
  • Updated Engine to support Pattern comparison, instead of String contains
Do let me know if you see any problems / issues with this update.


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