Friday, December 21, 2012

End-2-End automated Integration Testing using TaaS - Test as a Service

I spoke in Mumbai recently about an open-source framework created to assist in End-2-End automated Integration Testing using TaaS - Test as a Service. The slides for the talk are available here and audio here.

The session was planned for 1 hour. I managed to finish the talk in 50ish minutes, then then the Q&A went on for another 30ish minutes.

Plan is to create and publish TaaS as a gem on

Looking forward to your comments / feedback for the same!!


  1. The primary objective of building this sample application is to use it in all demonstrations of soapUI features. As we will not discuss any topics related to soapUI or web Testing Services in general in this site, you may skip the details and download the sample web services project

  2. Nice work on test automation.
    And a very good integration testing framework.

    Thanks! for sharing.