Thursday, March 22, 2012

vodQA Pune - another big success

Thoughtworks Pune organized another successful vodQA on 17th March 2012

375+ attendee registrations
35+ speaker registrations
100+ external attendees
20+ Thoughtworkers

Sessions/Topics covered:
- Code Coverage of Function Testing Automation Scripts - Aakash Tyagi
- Mobile Testing: Challenges and Solutions - Ashwini Phalle
- Business Analysis - Beyond Technical & Communication Skills - Anil Dagia
- Testing is Dead. Long Live Testing - Shrinivas Kulkarni
- Testing a Massively Multi-player Online Game Server - Nirmalya Sengupta, Srinivas Chilllara
- Behaviour Driven Testing - Anand Bagmar
- Virtualisation Impact on Software Testing - Parthasarthi T
- Negative Testing, in a positive vein - Srinivas Chillara
- Virtual Communication and Testers - Archana Dhingra
- Automation Reusable Framework based on QC - Vysali Alaparthi

- Mobile Testing: In and Out - Sudeep Somani
- The Marshmallow Challenge - Sneha Kadam

Some feedbacks received:
  • Impressive, please continue conducting such events
  • I have attended vodQa for first time, its Amazing experince
  • Some forum about Innovation & "Testing process"
  • Nice initiative taken by Thoughtworks
  • Have this event once in Quarter

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We will be uploading the pictures, videos and slides to a common place soon for everyone to see.

Thank you all who attended for making this a successful event.

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