Monday, January 23, 2012

vodQA Chennai starts off with a century!

I attended vodQA in Chennai on 21st Jan 2012. The event was great. Over 100 passionate testers from Chennai testing community turned up and made sure people presenting were on their toes with excellent questions and great interactions.

One of the participants already blogged about it here. She raises valid observations - and I wish I had the opportunity to speak with her directly to address some of the questions / concerns she raised. 

In this session, I presented a topic - "What is WAAT?" based on my open-source project - WAAT. The slides used in this session are available here.

I am already looking forward to the next vodQA in Chennai. For now, I am preparing for vodQA Bangalore - "Agile Testing for Teams and Enterprises". on Feb 11, and then vodQA Pune on Mar 17.


  1. Please do share your next presentation :-)

    Please let me know VodQA happening in Pune, I would like to attend it :-)

    All the best for Banglore presentation.


    1. Hi Savita, vodQA Pune is happening on 17th March. Here is the link -

      See you then :)


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