Thursday, August 11, 2011

How do you create / generate Test Data?

Testing (manual or automation) depends upon data being present in the product.

How do you create Test Data for your testing?

  • Manually create it using the product itself?
  • Directly use SQL statements to create the data in the DB (required knowledge of the schema)?
  • Use product apis / developer help to seed data directly? (using product factory objects)?
  • Use production snapshot / production-like data?
  • Any other way?

How do you store this test data?

  • Along with the test (in code)?
  • In separate test data files - eg: XML, yml, other types of files?
  • In some specific tools like Excel?
  • In a separate test database?
  • Any other way?

Do you use the same test data that is also being used by the developers for their tests?

What are the advantages / disadvantages you have observed in the approach you use (or any other methods)?

Looking forward to knowing your strategy on test data creation and management!