Friday, June 24, 2011

Test Trend Analyzer (TTA)

There are many tools and utilities that provide ways to do test result reporting and analysis of those results. However, I have not found a good, generic way of doing some Trend Analysis of those results. 

Why do I need to Trend Analysis of the test results?

Long(er) duration projects / enterprise products need to know the state of the quality of the product over time. One also may need to know various other metrics around the testing - like number of tests, pass %, failure %, etc. over time.

The reports I have seen are very good about analyzing the current test results. However, I have not really come across a good generic tool that can be used in most environments for the Test Trend Analysis over a period of time.

I am thinking about developing a tool which can address this space. I call this - the Test Trend Analyzer (TTA).

Here is what I think TTA should do:

  • Work with reports generated by common unit-test frameworks (jUnit, nUnit, TestNG, TestUnit, style of reports)
  • Provides Web Service interface to upload results to TTA
  • Test Results uploaded will be stored in db
  • Will work on Windows and Linux

    • Creates default TTA dashboard
    • Customizable TTA dashboard
    • Dashboard will be accessible via the browser

      My questions to you:
      • Do you think this will help? 
      • What other features would you like to see in TTA?
      • What other type of support would you like to have in TTA?

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