Saturday, April 16, 2011

WAAT release update

I am almost ready with my first public release of WAAT. Some finishing touches remaining which is causing the delay for this.

For those not aware, here is what WAAT is:
> WAAT stands for Web Analytics Automation Testing Framework
> Developed as a Java jar to be used in existing testing frameworks to do web analytics automation
> Phase 1: Implemented for Omniture using Omniture Debugger -> Status: Completed
> Phase 2: Can be used to test *almost any type of Web Analytic solution. Tested with Google Analytics and Omniture. This is platform dependent.
-> Status: In progress. Documentation to be updated.
> Phase 3: Make WAAT available for Ruby / .Net testing frameworks. -> Status: To be started.

Look at my earlier post for more details on WAAT.